dgvelling t1_ismu5ec wrote

Actually you can! There’s some apps that you can download like Sweatcoin and stepbeat. But besides that point, it also pays in health so that’s more of a long term benefit.

Also most of what you are saying is again going based on design. We’ve made our cities in America designed around cars not around people. I’m not saying I don’t like cars at all. I love a good drive.

However between public safety, environmental smog and air quality, division for poor that gets further imbalanced by cars (if you need a car to get to work that’s already an expense someone say homeless or check to check can’t necessarily afford to make) and more, we are going to need to make some significant changes. Two bikes getting into an accident causes a lot less infrastructure and city damage than two cars which goes back to tax payers. Cars wear and tear roads at faster rates which again goes back to tax payers to pay. Again I’m not saying get rid of cars but there’s going to need to be some shifts. Cars have their place especially in the middle of nowhere but we could afford to make things safer