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The speaker was using a rhetorical technique to engage the audience, she interrupted the presentation to make petty comments in response. Everyone knows rhetorical questions and devices are just set ups to make a point, everyone in attendance knew the point the presenter was trying to make, and she chose to disrupt the presentation by being purposefully obtuse and difficult about it. It was all in bad faith and all triggered by her hatred of the sort of topics being discussed at the event. It is disrespectful micromanaging to the fullest extent for a board member to show up to something like this and act this way. Boards should guide and advise diatricts not show up to functions and derail them with petty grievances.


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As far as cultural things, we have a pretty good public library, occasionally get some good theater and music, Gillioz and Juanita K Hammons are good venues to watch. Someone mentioned Phelps Grove, we have a decent (for the size of the city imo) art museum right by the park there, and a local history and natural history museum.


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Ive not been there to eat in a minute but Leslies is sort of an authentic hidden latin american gem imo, also Bombay Bazaar is good and unique to go indian street food but ive never had a smooth or totally positive experience with the ordering and wait for food, so go with that caveat.


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I live in a town with a good library, and borrow most of what i read on top of using it as a resource for finding books, this generally allows me to explore books i wouldnt otherwise. I buy a lot of books, but am relatively specific about the sort of books i want to own and collect, im not buying every little novel of piece of nonfiction that seems mildly interesting.


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This is all exactly what id expect, and probably has parallels throughout the city. The working poor and totally indigent are all wallowing in the same mire. I have not really heard anything good about any private security in general here, outside of occasionally there is an individual who is good. It is all so often bigger then an individuals actions can really sway or fundamentally change, being open and public goes along way. I dont think the avg person knows how often folks are oding in public in this city for instance, we can act like its a distant problem if we arent facing it, same thing with the absurd transphobia and racism u mentioned.


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Not that i know of. Kc and stl both have some great Ethiopian food tho. Wheelhouse did a special where they were serving ethiopian like for two weeks four or five years ago and i think about it all the time.