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I agree that arguing with some people is a waste of your time.

But simply saying "OK" and go on your merry ways will validate them in their wrongness and gradually make them more pigheaded and stubborn.

I believe the right way to handle such people is telling them they are wrong without letting yourself get drawn into a spun out argument. Just let them know that they are wrong, perhaps with a smattering of arguments, and then go on your merry ways.

Like this:

Moron: "Guh buh luh".
You: "You're wrong. Guh doesn't buh luh"
Moron: "Yes, but guh buh luh".
You: "No, you're wrong like I already pointed out. Goodbye!"


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In the short term, you can get by with only English. In the long term, if you want to become a Dutch citizen, you'll have to pass a test which among other things also grades you on having a rudimentary grasp of Dutch.

Rest assured though that most asylum seekers who come here from a vastly different culture (Middle East, many Ukrainians, a smattering of African nations and yes, even some from China) manage to pass the test after taking a course so it is doable.


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You might want to look into the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. Basically, you can relocate to the Netherlands as an American citizen if you are prepared to jump through some hoops. You will also need about € 6000, 4500 of which are to remain in your possession in a business bank account.

Explanation of what it is.

Official Dutch IND (government immigation service) website.

Step by step Visaguide.

Lawyers if you prefer them. They cost extra money, of course.


Jovie's channel on living here as a mother.

Ava's channel on living here as an LBGTQ+.


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In one form or another, the possibilities are being explored and implemented.

Perhaps there are no spooks actually living in those cities with the intention of going out and killing people on short notice.

Intelligence is being gathered, and plans are continually updated. Could be they send in teams when the moment turns critical. Could be they target them through blackmail. Could be they block their access to financial assets.