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Samsung had the Galaxy K Zoom with a traditional zoom lens.


Sony did a range of cameras that used a prism and periscope for zooming, DSC-T9 should have been one of the models.



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A lot of people still have and use older less efficient flat panels that aren't LED backlit and some older folk still have have their CRTs.

A TV isn't like a smartphone where you upgrade every year or 2 then keep the old one in the back of a drawer somewhere. Getting rid of you old TV for a newer one when it still works isn't really a consideration for many folk.


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> I mean current cards are miles ahead of current gen consoles

Someone overclocked a 4090 to get over 100 TFLOPs. Nearly 10 times that of a PS5


Developers and publishers of multi-format titles will probably keep on making games with the lowest common dominator in mind as before.


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Us brits are not in a position to criticise given that we have price capped our energy costs.

For some, our water bills should be lowered because water companies were dumping sewage everywhere. I believe the government is punishing these companies by forcing discounts to end customers instead of having to pay a fine.