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I do. He's the idiot that Googled "how to get through bulletproof glass" in the middle of the attack and then died in a cornfield, right?

The threat absolutely is real, and it should not (and will not) be taken lightly. But these dipshits are not the "Coming storm". They are not nearly as powerful or numerous as they think. They can cause damage and kill people, but they're not going to Take Over the Country.

We should not be intimidated by them.


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It actually says countries won't charge that much tax - which may ultimately come down to the same thing, given problems with Regulatory Capture.

But regardless, there's the way we would like things to be, and the way things are. The way things are right now, it will be extraordinarily difficult to get a regulatory environment in place where the worst carbon emitters will pay what is necessary for DAC systems to work. Which sucks.

But if technologies like this can sidestep the problem entirely by simply making carbon capture more affordable, then that's an absolute win.


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>The last owner had to close it off from the public because people were being inconsiderate- showing up at all times of the day and night and leaving trash in the yard.

That's about what I would expect, unfortunately. There are a lot of inconsiderate people out there who think that, just because a house was on a movie or TV show, it's now public property and they can do whatever they want to it.

The owners of the Breaking Bad House have had to deal with that. Stupid kids coming by day after day with the incredibly original idea of throwing a pizza on the roof, trampling through the yard, etc. They finally had to put up a big iron fence and plant warning signs all over their yard. People can really suck.

I hope it goes better for this guy. I suppose the fan base for BB is a little different than the one for The Goonies.


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I just love how every time the Republicans try to come up with an anti-Biden meme, it somehow blows up in their face.

First "Let's Go Brandon" gets turned into "Dark Brandon", and now all of their shitty little stickers are giving Biden credit for falling gas prices. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.