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I worked at a camp out there for 8 years and the landscape is absolutely beautiful even in summer. Wish camp ran during the spring time bloom but still. Thanks for the photo!


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I am okay with a little bit of speculation based on how similar previous events played out, or how a population might react based on culture/political leaning. But they need to stay away from how they want things to play out.


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Also, you have someone who is in emergency mode that is disconnected from your emergency response and acting on instinct. Restraining him and letting him cool off is not an insane move just to expedite and clear the way for a more organized response. Are there other ways of doing that? Yes, but lets be honest, thank god he didn't get shot.

(Not a commentary on police in this case, though I have my own feelings on the matter of police brutality. But it would have been so easy for the police responding, entering with no information, to see him running around with a gun in hand, assume he was the bad guy, and just shoot.)