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I’m sorry you experienced that. Employers have way too much power.

It will definitely be as hard to prove as sexual harassment, and while that law isn’t perfect, it did move the needle on safer workplaces.

I think you mean at will employment in #2. Workers definitely need a baseline of rights, and ending employment at will is key.


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That’s not at all true about sexual harassment. What is your source on that?

Reducing this issue to “big meanies” is condescending. There are abusive tactics people use to keep themselves in power. It’s about their insecurity. Regardless, I don’t know what your statement means.

At will is also toxic. Employees do not have many rights.


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Tell that to the families of workers who died by suicide after relentless abuse of power. Your understanding of it completely disregards science and the way the human brain works.

If you can’t be decent to employees, don’t be in business.

If it weren’t a problem, it wouldn’t need to be regulated. It’s an epidemic.

Right now, it’s a drag on employees. It kills people.