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Mindhunter wasn't canceled. Fincher decided other projects were a higher priority for him and they eventually released everyone from their contracts since he wasn't doing the next season. Fingers crossed he decides to do it and they can get everyone back. I wish they'd have found someone to take over the series instead of letting him end it.


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That’s an almost disrespectful summary of his thoughts on the trip. To quote a part of his reaction:

> It reinforced tenfold my own view on the power of our beautiful, mysterious collective human entanglement, and eventually, it returned a feeling of hope to my heart. In this insignificance we share, we have one gift that other species perhaps do not: we are aware—not only of our insignificance, but the grandeur around us that makes us insignificant. That allows us perhaps a chance to rededicate ourselves to our planet, to each other, to life and love all around us. If we seize that chance.

I’m not sure how you can read his thoughts on it and get “that shits fucked. Nope” out of it.


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I’m not vegetarian I eat meat all the time. I don’t see any difference between me eating a taco whether it’s beef or dog if they both taste good. Since several cultures eat dog I assume it’s tasty but I’ve yet to have the opportunity. But sure keep making assumptions to keep up that smug attitude of yours lol.


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Examples in those linked articles for the numbers you mention include things like finding children with their mother and other civil non-criminal matters. I’m not saying this is bad that they save children being trafficked I’m saying they’re lumping non-nefarious cases in with the total count to pad the numbers and in this story they won’t say what the number is. Maybe they saved all 11 from trafficking. Maybe 1. Maybe all 11 were just with a parent or staying with a friend.

E: I’d reply about your confusion but you’ve blocked me lol.


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> It isn’t clear how many children were only located, but not recovered.

from an interview linked in the article: > “Sometimes we find them with family members, and it becomes a civil matter, that’s why we are reporting them as located and not necessarily returned,” Alanis said. “We find them in situations they were taken by family. If they’re in a good situation, we just leave them there because then it becomes a civil matter between families.”

This is what I hate about these articles. The headlines and top of articles will talk about the children being involved in sex rings and stuff but buried in the story is that a lot of them are just kids who ran away to another family member or friend's place. Part of me wonders if law enforcement lets those types of complaints pile up so they can clear them all out when they do get a serious crime and then pad the numbers for publicity.


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I'm not too familiar with the shudder catalog tbh. Tubi has a decent collection of mainstream but slightly older stuff but where they're awesome is cheap (mostly bad) horror if you enjoy that sort of thing. I'll just put random stuff in the search like "shark" and they'll have a few dozen oddball shark horror movies.

I searched for Thanksgiving the other day out of curiosity and found gems like The Last Thanksgiving (Meet the Brimstons. They're a normal American family with one exception: Every November, they hunt down anybody who doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving.), Derelicts (Thanksgiving day for a dysfunctional upper class family takes a terrifying turn when their suburban home is invaded by a gang of sadistic drifters.), and Thankskilling (A murderous turkey hunts down five college kids on their Thanksiging break. Can the survivors break the curse and defeat the possessed bird?)


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> That wouldn’t be the only profane rant that month. In one email, Darabont asked why camera operators were being paid when “Ray Charles could operate better.” In yet another, he compared one of the show’s directors to someone whom he’d formerly worked with who had suffered massive, debilitating strokes. “It’s like we yanked some kid with no experience out of high school and put her in charge of directing a show,” wrote Darabont. > > And to AMC’s executives, he was no less polite. “Please let’s stop invoking ‘the writers room,'” he emailed AMC’s Ben Davis. “There IS no writers room, which you know as well as I do. I am the writers room. The fucking lazy assholes who were supposedly going to be my showrunners threw that responsibility on me after wasting five months of my time.”


> I just kept Denise on the phone for 20 minutes making her listen to me scream. I hope she conveys to you what the tenor of it, because you need to grasp my fury.


It seems like one of those situations where both sides are shitty. There's more out there that was just first search results.