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I try to explain this to people all the time…. That by the overall numbers the roads are the death zone. Everything else we do is far less risky overall… simply because of the amount of time we spend in cars. Like for example cutting some trees down is dangerous for sure, especially in those moments when you may climb the trees to cut limbs etc, but those dangers are controllable for the most part and the time conducting those activities is limited for most people. It’s why I absolutely cannot stand people talking about vaccines or other overall health promoting behaviors being dangerous in any way. They are not. Look at the odds, you were way way more likely from an overall perspective to die on your way to getting vaccinated or even on your way to going snowboarding or something like that than from the actual activity itself.


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Hey big news in case you don’t know…. One main reason russia probably wants the area they’d been occupying before it got worse in Ukraine… and more… is because there’s a shitload of rare earth minerals there. I heard an estimate on bbc that possibly multiple trillion dollars worth in today’s dollars.


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Fuck i should have read further instead of just posting above … I deleted it… but yeah…. This. The entire reason for attempting to get info in the first place probably revolves directly around this kind of information…. Who knows maybe not. But Anyway yeah that was my first reaction too.

I’d like to know What are the potential other reasons to bother if they weren’t seeking exactly that kind of sensitive information. I’m sure there’s lots but specifically what would be someone’s other most important priorities


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If this is what I think it is My understanding of this spinal stimulation technology from listening to some reports on bbc world service the other month is that it’s already been helping paralyzed people walk again… so yeah… it needs to be in use everywhere immediately. This is the kind of thing where we cannot restrict access based on money…. Everyone deserves a chance to restore full function if possible.


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Lula de Silva has already made strides toward slowing rainforest loss, we need to support that shit dude. Another reason why Ukraine is happening the way it is relates to the massive amount of rare earth minerals in the regions that Putin really wants. It’s always about money and power and finding the right place to strike small axe blows to either bring down the good in the world or to raise it up. Use your axe wisely.


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Nah it’s gonna push em up north. Fuck that shit. Theres really good reasons beyond the obvious why all these GOP guys all pass bills or send memos saying “don’t talk about this or that or teach this or that”…. And then all leave and seek out of state office as fast as they can…. Like Rick Scott for example had a gag order on talking about climate change by state agencies… wonder why. Furthermore wonder why insurance won’t even bother covering people in Florida anymore? Yeah there’s other big reasons too… but they’re all hedging bets the politicians and the insurance because they know damn well half the revenue generating locations in the state are going to be underwater or unlivable within a decade. It doesn’t look as bad as you might think on the sea level rise interactive map but when you take into account where is actually livable and where most people currently are living it’s scary as shit.

Nobody is ready for what’s coming and it’s coming much faster than people expect… and I guarantee you lots of big insurance companies have really well done mathematical predictions that would frighten people but they keep that kind of knowledge a secret because it’s how they make money. we’ve already surrendered 1.5 degrees folks.

Oh also I checked… dipshit Orange man country club doesn’t look like it gets swamped right away…. And that’s just sad considering how much that family helped hasten this.


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Yep . 50s (f) occasionally thru December Jan and feb in far northern Wisconsin snow belt… but at least one full week of almost consecutive days with above freezing temperatures for the majority of the daylight hours each of these months. Which in January and February is extremely abnormal. Watching the national and regional pressure maps and temp maps has been very odd over the last year too. And I watch them pretty much every day because if the lake is soft I need to know the weather. Winter tried for a few weeks at a time here and there, but it mostly lost. The most recent year that’s been anything close to this warm was the winter of 2016-17. And what would be outliers like this are happening more and more regularly. Just take a look at the change from normal in sea surface temperatures in the Bering Sea over the last 10 months to year timeframe.

I’d recommend anyone who wants to start paying close attention to how things are changing by watching the weather closely by the day to get the windy app… and the premium is worth it, let’s you see all the models


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I never got to try the attachment for the kitchen aid that we got as a gift… it was supposed to do this I thought. Hopefully the ex wife has by now, but I doubt it. The pasta is better with fresh duck eggs anyway which I have now. That’s the hard part.


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So like what would you do… shoot at it’s head/vision system to disable it? Then what? It still has a gun mounted to it in a scenario like that… so what happens then? It just keeps firing wildly? Because after the second time it stops shooting because it can’t see that feature will be disabled so it can still do damage…


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Steer INTO the deer and hit the gas. Do not leave the road for a deer ever. A deer won’t kill you but rolling your car in a ditch or hitting a tree can. I’m serious… I hit the gas if deer are around. They always react so late… whether it’s vision related or stupidity… their late response usually results in then jumping directly into your path or the side of your car. So the more you slow down the more time you give them to execute their poor choices successfully. Maybe I’m nuts but I swear this is how it works. Also loud engines/exhaust DO seem to help.


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I have a bunch of different size “martex” 100% cotton towels I got from my grandparents when they were both gone that I still use, I know for a fact they had them in Florida 25 years ago, and I’ve used them for at least 5 of those years, I’m actually probably underestimating. Still soft, don’t use dryer sheets much Or other kinds of fabric softener ever.


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Beyond standards based stuff We could also like… make net neutrality an important issue again too…Seeing as my shitty isp that refuses to upgrade service beyond fucking 10mbs dsl in 2022 yet for some reason I have no problem streaming bullshit Roku in 2 rooms at once because those don’t get throttled but downloading a 5mb pdf old lawnmower manual takes a full 60 seconds or more…….