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we have two small children and we homeschool as well. NH is very supportive of this; if you end up looking into public schools, many of the schools here are fantastic, but you really have to do your homework on this as every town runs its own schools so it varies dramatically from one town to the next. for most NH towns, paying for schooling is ½ to ¾ of the town costs on a yearly basis, so it's not a small item!

We didn't want to live in the Boston-commuter-belt that is the swath from Wilton all the way over to the seacoast... it's expensive and I have zero need to go to Boston for anything, so the proximity is not worth any expense (for us.) Your mileage may vary.

We live in the Connecticut river valley and we love the proximity to mountains, Vermont, easy transit down the 91 corridor, actual local farms for food, and a sense of being very separated from things while being reasonably close. Keene is our nearest town and it has most of the things we need for shopping within a reasonably short drive.

for the more rural/distant areas bear in mind that some services will be hard to come by - like dentists, accountants, pediatricians, any kind of contractor, etc. for SW NH the Cheshire medical center in Keene is the regional hospital and Dartmouth Hitchcock up in Lebanon/Hanover is the main "big" hospital for the broader region, with lots of specialists and whatnot.

If you'd like to chat more I'm happy to discuss with you via DM or on the phone or whatever, we're super glad we moved here and NH needs more young families with kids to relocate here to help replace all the aging folks :)

(and the old people in our town LOVE seeing our kids around town - I was thinking they might be cranky retirees - nope! it's like being a in town full of surrogate grandparents. fantastic!)


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we relocated to NH last year after a lot of hunting around; I have previously lived in Wyoming as well. I think NH is a great place that is close to very concentrated urban areas while being astoundingly rural, if you want it to be.

I am a remote worker but I occasionally need to travel for work and while Boston is a very legit option for travel, since we are in SW NH I find hopping down 91 to Hartford (BDL) is so much easier... about 90 minutes of a straight shot on the highway, easy airport, a fair number of direct flights due to business travelers. with PreCheck and Clear I've found I can be from the parking lot to my gate in 10 minutes, which is pretty awesome.

I love that NH is a purple state with the entire gamut of opinions and yet people manage to coexist and get along, like we used to before the world went insane. So happy we moved here.


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popular direct has savings rate at 4.40% for cash - I have an old capital one account I was about to close but they are doing an 11 month CD for 5% which is appealing. I've held off as I think rates will continue to go higher.

mind you we're all still just losing money vs. inflation but at least it's slightly less loss


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another fellow former MN resident - we live in SW NH since last year - while it was a dry summer, I did not see any ticks to speak of, just found a few during an extended deep brush hike with my son in the fall. I had all these horror stories shared on this subreddit, but I think it's really just situational. If you went into the deep brush it would probably be icky depending on the time of year.

The weird midges and biting flies though, that's a new thing for us, glad we live in a town and not out in the country. Picaridin is some good stuff, highly recommend.

This winter has been unusually warm but wow it's the easiest/warmest winter I've ever experienced in my life! you'll love being able to go for long bike rides in February.


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Hi! I live in Walpole - it's a beautiful village that is a gem compared to the area surrounding it. it's full of old, expensive houses, and there has been very little turnover in properties here as almost everyone who lives here has wanted to stay here. We were only able to buy after waiting over a year for something to come up - and that was only after going and finding an off-market property to buy ourselves.

so 1.) Zillow estimates for this area are useless as there has been so little market activity, it's impossible to compare and 2.) because there are always people who want to move into Walpole and not decent housing to buy, there was horrible pressure to inflate prices. We definitely overpaid to lock down our house, but in the end we have a house here, and that was the end goal.

this town has so much to commend it vs. the surrounding towns - poorer towns, higher tax burdens, less infrastructure, etc. It's a fantastic place so hopefully OP can enjoy the fact they moved to a wonderful town.

Also OP: you live abutting the Hooper Forest and the reservoir, you have some amazing town-owned recreation land next to your property! you came to a good place. feel free to DM me if you want to chat more about walpole :)


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yeah, its just a blink, not even thinking about it. these were common wintertime temps for us growing up. if it was staying for weeks/months then you need to be concerned, but as its being followed by practically springtime temps, no biggie.


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I'm pretty sure this routine is standard practice for many :)

but yeah, the whole thing people have told me was basically don't let them in once you have marked your tax assessment and then do significant interior updates. I feel like NH has many, many people who play this same game.


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for what it's worth - live in a small town in SW NH, we had our 5 year re-evaluations earlier this year. we moved in to an overpriced house with lots of delayed maintenance (all of which we knew and accepted, because moving here was nearly impossible otherwise) so when they gave me a 2x valuation hike, I was ALL about having them come in and walk through the house so I could show them all the broken things and structural stuff we need to do.

It worked - they knocked off about $150k off the valuation hike, and subsequently our taxes just got lowered for the next 5 years. pretty happy about that.

next time around though, because I will be fixing all that stuff, you better believe I won't let them inside :)


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Reply to comment by MarsGirl24 in Pupper in need by JacquesMouse

I have paid for medical care for my pets in the past but thousands for a dog neurologist etc... that's kind of hard to imagine. I'm with you, that money is better off donated helping sick kids (who could potentially use thousands towards neurology bills.)

more power to you other posters if you want to contribute to expensive pet care, just don't ask us to not question you for doing so vs. other more worthy causes.


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coming here from MN, why do you need to make bridges and stuff to get to trails in the winter - is it because the water doesn't freeze solid? you don't get enough snow? I don't get it.

either way those are both bad signs for any hope for happy snowmobiling.

spent my childhood zooming across frozen lakes and streams on a sled, I can't imagine us blowing up a beaver dam... that would just make more frozen flat space for cruising.

100% support putting the beavers back and letting the snowmobilers figure out another path, they are the smart apes with opposable thumbs... if we can put people on the moon you can probably figure out how to get to your trail without destroying the beaver habitat


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I'm excited about getting more snow and less cold. MN does this thing where it goes below -20 and stays there, and it's too cold/dry to snow, so while the existing snow stays there it isn't as much fun as fresh powder for snow activities.

plus you all have mountains for more snow fun, it's pretty hard downhill skiing when the only ski hill you have is literally made out of a hill full of garbage. (old landfill, not kidding.)

we're so pumped to have vertical drops EVERYWHERE :)


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when you renew your passport, get a passport card as well - easy to carry in wallet, valid federal ID, good for going to Canada and Mexico, no worries about losing your larger paper passport somewhere. it's like $40 to add it to your renewal (or get it new, I guess.)

I always use mine whenever I have to show ID somewhere especially if it's some place that wants to scan DLs and harvest that data for whatever bad purpose (looking at you, Target.) they just kind of look at it and go "huh." and move on


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yeah friend I want to tell you that you should 1.) don't let anyone turn anything off and 2.) keep on them about getting set up for service

we bought a house in june, I called in May prior to closing to set up transfer of billing, didn't get my first bill from them until September - and that's after threatening to go after them with the public utilities commission and involving some legal help.

it's unbelievably ridiculous, but not something I can change, other than it's more motivation to pursue solar so I can essentially fire them