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It’s not just transgendered folks being singled. These vans were meant for the convenience of old folks and disabled but they tacked on transgender folks too. If it helps uptake, then why not bring the registration service to their doorstep?


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Lol it’s not a registry just for transgendered people, like Trump tried to get a Muslim registry. Everyone is supposed to have national ID cards (or foreign passports with valid visas) used for everything like getting SIM cards, going to school, voting, etc. Transgender folks were officially recognized in a 2018 law so you don’t need to designate yourself as male or female only anymore. Since there’s been lower uptake of these ID cards amongst underprivileged folks, this initiative is meant to provide convenience to increase uptake and more involvement in democratic political processes. Nothing remotely nefarious here.


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😑 That’s not really a thing in Pakistan at least not by the state. Bigotry from the people here and there exists everywhere and Pakistan is no exception. But generally there’s a degree of acceptance in society as a member of society though of course not close to perfect.


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LGB rights haven’t moved an inch, but in practice, no one gets prosecuted for engaging in homosexual relations because the evidentiary standards are impractically high. I’ve heard about an orgy that happens at some shrine and the cops kinda don’t give a shit. 😂