dirtynj t1_j9ygyyv wrote

I'm part of nonprofit environmental organization.

We wrote to Clean Ocean Action telling them that there is no truth to any of their claims and its a bunch of pseudoscience political nonsense. Our President even talked to one of their organizers about their false claims directly. It did not go well.

In the last 5-10 years COA went from a helpful organization to a political one. Don't believe anything they say...they simply do what they want now to promote their own agenda, facts be damned.


dirtynj t1_iy2a1rb wrote

People on here have decided to rave about Edge (since it's chromium based now) as the 2nd coming and trash Chrome (bloated! uses so much ram)...when in reality they are 99% identical. I've run both browsers on low and high-end machines, there is only minor differences (Chrome DOES run better with more ram, however, Edge wants to integrate itself into every part of your Windows OS/accounts).

Both are good browsers. Chrome will just get the hate from being so popular. I'd like to say Switch to FF from a privacy perspective, but Google has all my info anyway, so I've already crossed that bridge.

And personally (yes this in anecdotal), Chrome still performs better than Edge on my 10th gen i7 with 24gb of ram in virtually every type of task I throw at it. Edge is a good backup browser for me, but I understand if you want to make it your main one - it's a farcry from where Edge used to be.