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You know, I've tried that show a couple times. Recorded it, watched 2-3 episodes...laughed maybe once total. I just don't find it funny, and I thought Office and Parks and Rec were great.


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I went to the gym first thing this morning, then made blueberry pancakes for the family. I'll probably take a walk with the dogs in a little bit, then I have some work to do, then football.


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Nothing exciting for lunch today, leftovers from last night's dinner.

Tomorrow probably similar. But Friday, just before he goes back to college, my son and I are going to Eazzyburger for lunch.


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It's such a change now that the kids are teenagers. When they were little, we had to tell them to wait, to NOT get up super early and run downstairs. Now, we agree on a time to wake them up after letting them sleep in. Everyone else is still in bed, me and the dogs are the only ones up.

We'll eventually have breakfast - homemade cinnamon rolls, bacon, eggs, fruit, maybe a mimosa or two - then start opening presents. No rush.

Then this afternoon we'll go over to my parent's for round 2 and a nice dinner that I don't have to cook.


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Today's plans include finishing wrapping gifts, getting fancy dinner ready for tonight, making cinnamon rolls for tomorrow morning, eating said fancy dinner along with good wine and a fantastic dessert, hanging out with family, and generally relaxing.

I'd really like to take the dogs for a walk, but I don't want to go outside.


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Decorations went up on Saturday, except for the outside stuff. I was going to do that yesterday, but rain and life got in the way. So outside decor will have to wait until... not sure. Tomorrow? Maybe.


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Taking the day off. My wife just let me know that her sister and her husband will be coming tomorrow. They originally had begged off, citing a desire to "avoid political disagreements". So.

Anyway, today i'm starting bread and making pie. And helping with cleaning, leaves, setting the table, etc. I'll take a walk with the dogs at some point.


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My wife and daughter insist on putting up the Xmas decorations on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I'm fine with it; I would also be fine with waiting a week or so. My jobs that day are to get the things out of the attic, set up the outdoor stuff, and then take the boxes back to the attic. I watch football and eat leftovers in between.

Then Saturday or Sunday evening, we decorate the tree as a family. That's a good time.


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I'm thankful my son is home from college for the week. It's great to have him here. He got his wisdom teeth out this morning, so he's a little goofy right now.

I'm not so thankful that my daughter has been feeling ill for a couple days and this morning woke up with a 103F fever. Negative for COVID, but off to the doc we go this afternoon.


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I like to walk the dogs early in the morning. But not this morning, or the last couple. Under 30 degrees is just too damn cold for walking.

The dogs will have to wait for the afternoon.