districtultra t1_j5k5zr5 wrote

Something needs to be done about enforcement, it's terrible out there as a biker and pedestrian.

Just this last weekend, I was crossing with the light across Frankford at Palmer in Fishtown and a guy came zooming through a turn and then started yelling at me for being in the crosswalk. Of course I yelled back that he was wrong. Guy pulls over and is waiting for me up the block. Luckily there was a group of us walking, otherwise I don't know what he had planned. One of my friends mentions that he could have killed someone and he responds "I don't give a fuck about pedestrians".

Oh yeah someone threatened to shoot me at the same intersection for the same type of situation just last month. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'd rather be alive than right, but in both of these situations, I was well in the process of crossing when it happened.