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It definitely gets harder to find people that have any time as you get older, people have kids early and a lot of them here. Not sure your age group but there are a couple semi active groups on meetup. The only active social one I know of is mostly people 40s and up but good people. It meets again at vantage next Thursday. There are a couple active hiking groups on there as well, if you are into the outdoors. Although this time of year there are less hikes. I'll drop a couple links to outdoor groups on Facebook too



Check out Springfield Hiking Meetup https://meetu.ps/c/4YCcV/VN5kk/d on Meetup

Check out Ozarks Nature Walks https://meetu.ps/c/4fbrJ/VN5kk/d on Meetup

Check out 417 Happy Hour/Meet and Mingle https://meetu.ps/c/4BQs8/VN5kk/d on Meetup


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Just beware if you go through mercy they are super backed up. To see a PA is 1-2 months but they can't prescribe ADHD meds so you need to see an MD there and they are booked for 6-9 months, last I checked.