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My uncle just passed away last month from cancer, and he was churning high 6 figs as an aerospace engineer/inspector, being pulled into NASA and Lockheed Martin missions and whatnot. The guy never even had a college degree. There's absolutely zero chance you could do that today.

Meanwhile, I got an accounting degree a couple years ago, and it took me a year and a half after graduating to get a job that covered cost or living and loan repayments. At my age, my uncle was already at about the $100K mark....and that was in today's dollars, he was making $241K at my age, while I'm at like a quarter of that.

We don't stand a chance.


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Rad photo! No statement can ever truly fully represent the feeling that I get when looking at astrophotography and reading up on discoveries. To put it simply:

Space is so cool.


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Anchovies rock. Regarding all fermented and fishy foods, I've always jokingly said that it's too tasty for many people to handle. They think they don't like it, but it's really just their taste buds being overwhelmed and they don't know how to process the sensation of tasting perfection. This is all of course scientifically false and everyone is allowed their flavor preferences, but it's fun to jest in kind :D


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It is common for owned chickens to have their wing tips clipped so that they cannot fly. Also, many chickens are bred to be fat and juicy, so they're simply too big to fly. Otherwise, chickens can totally fly short distances without issue. My folks own chickens, so I've learned a bit about em over the years.