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I'm in the rabbit hole of YouTube space videos right now and it's just insane,. absolutely insane the scale of the universe. Like our radio bubble from earth ever since we started broadcasting is so small compared. Basically just 218 light years away from. Beyond that the signal simply hadn't had enough time to travel..the milkyway is 52,000 light years across. So even another intelligent life form in our own Galaxy wouldn't even know we exist for possibly another 50,000+ years. Not to mention you need to wait another 50k to send a message back.

And that's just our own Galaxy.


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It would be one thing if the current system actually worked well. But it's fucking horrible. I'm disputing a charge right now.

Insurance is saying the doctor needed prior authorization. My wife is actively having a heart attack in the ER on vacation at Disney world with my 2 kids. The insurance company couldn't even pronounce the name of the procedure that needed authorization. Like I'm not going to know that, I don't know if the Dr knows that, and it's against the law to deny me coverage for prior authorization in an emergency.. but they still did it.