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Ye I guess that’s a good point using pure definition of socialism. But then that would mean that google and Facebook were socialist enterprises since the founders were the original workers and really continued working still, and for a while owned majority of shares. Theoretically every business starts as socialist enterprise then the original workers sell their stake in it, and incoming ones get none or tiny share


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Actually it does say it has google glass and coke 2, I definitely remember the coke story back in the day. Google glass is fascinating actually, in Atlanta they had a wearable exhibit at the design museum that showcased all the prior art leading up to google glass, apparently people have been trying to do that since like the 90s, interesting stuff


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Haha I was one one of the people that bashed AirPods and iPad when they came out, but now it’s a part of daily life for me lol

Ye perception is definitely a big one. A lot of time you create something expecting it to ‘fail’ because you want to learn/test from it. Creating something that doesn’t exist or improving on an existing design is such a fascinating process


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Just saw the last 2, crazy stuff. Although really interesting about the lettuce farmers, I’ve often wondered why in the last few years they’ve been all these infection outbreaks from lettuce. Quite literally I haven’t eaten romaine in like 2 years, which isn’t a big deal cuz I like arugula more lol