djdsf t1_iu2q0ea wrote

While that's true, wouldn't the argument that keeping something alive for longer is also cheaper than building a whole new one and sending it to space again?

I'm understand new tech as well, but come on, there has to be a world somewhere where keeping this thing alive for an extra year for maybe $3M more is cheaper than sending another one that will run 3 years for $70M right?


djdsf t1_iu2nasb wrote

I'm stupid compared to these fine folks that make this tech, but has nobody ever told them to stick like a brush or something that can run electrically and clean the solar panels?

If I have 10% power remaining, i might as well use 8% of it to clean the thing that generates power instead of praying the wind cleans the panels.

Or is there a reason why we can't attach an electric brush but we can attach drills and all this other stuff?