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Its not necessarily things like solar/wind. Its just when the plant forcasts that its carbon output is going to be lower - probably due to lower overall usage or something.

When you have this option enabled, your phone uses your GPS location to pull data from your local energy generator about their predicted carbon outputs over the next X hours - and uses that information + its ML about your charging habits to determine when it should charge your device.

I don’t know if this information apple pulls is publicly available or not.

Heres the learn more section that appears on your phone near the setting.


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It can show up for certain Bluetooth devices for Ethernet over Bluetooth.

This shows up when my phone connects to my cars Bluetooth to use it as a hotspot for the internet connected apps. Though I can never get it to work properly.


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The dynamic island isn’t something that gets used a lot by me. That said, apart from Reddit I don’t have any social media apps nor do I use any sports apps which seem to be the main usage for the DI. But - I don’t find it intrusive or in the way or annoying or anything like that, even when I’m watching videos. It’s main use is the Pixel Pal when browsing Reddit on Apollo.

It does cut a bit more into videos on full screen, but since most widescreen media seems to still be designed to be cropped to 4:3 viewing - I’m never really focused on that section of the screen. I’ve had the 14PM since launch and never experienced any of the glitches I’ve seen posted to this subreddit.

I went 13PM to the 14PM and the true benefits to me are the AOD and the peak brightness outdoors. If you spend any significant time outside, the 14s ability to pump up the brightness is incredible. You will be able to see the DI cutout clearly in direct sunlight as well - so if that would bother you I would consider maybe the 13PM if you really need an upgrade, or just hold out another 9 months till the 15.

But personally I wouldn’t purchase it solely based on the dynamic island. It’s kind of like the equivalent of an LED notification on a device. A nice gimmick - but not a reason to purchase the device.


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Yea unfortunately you’re probably going to have to check if your carrier has some kind of warning system you can use. Either by text or your carriers own app notification.

This was a big thing for me when I switched from android, apple seems to assume that if you have enough money to buy a phone, you’ll be rolling in enough dough to be on an unlimited plan. Thankfully with my provider that’s only $30/month but not everyone has that option or the extra $30 to spare. Apple doesn’t seem to care much about that though.

Before switching to my carriers unlimited plan - they would always send me a text when I hit 80% usage, I’d check if that’s a thing for you.

Also when checking your cellular data usage in Settings -> Cellular - Current Period does not refer to your month-month usage E: This varies by carrier and may actually reflect monthly usage. It reflects your usage since you last reset it by scrolling down to the bottom and selecting Reset Statistics. You have to do this manually if you’d like to keep track each month. Setting up a monthly reminder will help a lot there.

Also make sure while you’re in the cellular settings to turn off Wifi Assist if you’re struggling with data usage.


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When you go to disable - or enable guided access for the first time an overlay shows. One of the options will be literally options on the bottom left.

Tap that and then you’ll see a new screen with a bunch of toggle switches on the bottom. One of them will be called Touch. Disable this and then touch is disabled.

I say this because I use it all the time for my kid but the options should keep the same for each guided access session. So you shouldn’t need to be going into options each time - only enabling and disabling as I mentioned in my previous.


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Number of commands?


Triple tap power button to turn on.


Double tap power button to turn off via Face ID

Or Triple tap power button to bring up the disable screen, then hit the power button again.

It saves your settings from the previous session so you don’t need to fiddle with the setting each time.

It takes almost literally a single second to either enable or disable GA.


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It probably isn’t a noticeable amount of the course of a day - but if the hotspot is enabled then it’s continuously shouting from the rooftops “Hello, I’m an access point! My name is ‘Djhorn18’s Phone’ You can connect to me if you want!”

Which it wouldn’t be doing if it was off.

That being said I’ve kept mine on all the time and never have any battery issues with any device I’ve owned. Android or iPhone.