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Well I can only speak for myself as a huge star wars fan, but when I heard the word of mouth, it sounded like they butchered the story and it made me not see the movie for weeks.

After the first two movies got in the sequels had great reviews from critics and fans, there seemed to be a consensus already forming before the third even released that they totally flopped on the ending. None of my friends were interested in going.


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Season 4 has great moments and the intro to Oberyn was flawless.

But its also where I see the cracks in the writing really forming. To me seasons 1 and 3 were all better overall, though 4 benefits from some great pivotal moments done well and more production budget, and was better than season 2 IMO.


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Nobody pays me to consult on this stuff and they probably have access to a lot more data than I...but I just think Oscars needs to get back more into celebrating the craft its there to celebrate. In years past they showed clips highlighting the amazing performances as they were presenting the nominees, they showed how the scripts looked, they showed sketches for the costuming and set decorating. I love all this crafting and highlighting of what makes movies good.

I am sure it was all cut to reduce run time, but I also just think the people who are going to watch the oscars and those who aren't is decided before the Oscars even airs. So might as well serve those who are into it.


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To be clear: Every part of LA county feels like their part is being subjected to more homeless from other parts.

I know a lot of people from the Antelope Valley, where Lancaster is, and they think they are being target for homeless. But what they are really experiencing is the increase in homeless everywhere. The reality is no part of the county experiences more homeless than the very urban center of it, where Skid Row is. And Skid Row is there because the government designated that place for homeless for nearly a century now.