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Drafting business emails is pretty good, or templates/SOPs. I've had it write entire BCDR plans, MFA enrollment notices, etc.

It's great for quickly getting some code going for easy to medium tasks, or seeing a different approach to a problem can open other possibilities.

I've actually had it tell me more about some api endpoints than their online KBs have documented.

It's best used as a tool to aid you rather than thinking it's going to replace you.


dlepi24 t1_j4tqgu5 wrote

Power automate is a good early example I feel. With some creativity and basic understanding of M365 products you can create some amazing business workflows. You can now just describe your ideal workflow and it will help design it fairly well and then you just fill in the gaps. It will even write custom expressions for you if you give it an example of what you want it to do.