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Seems like no control or comparison. If people feel better over time (which is what happens commonly with recurrent AF) you get a positive result. Like doing a study - does eating an apple sure the common cold. Then surveying those eating an apply every day and noticing a trend that most people get better.

But in case that wasn't guaranteed enough of a result: In addition to the topical treatment, all patients were instructed to use laxatives and dietary supplemental fiber.

They added a known treatment to the ointment...

And because the trial didn't have a randomised control. The Dr would have been picking the most promising candidates. The ones who needed surgery or more serious medications (i think they use nitroglycerin for this normally) probable aren't going to be risked on this.

And the ointment was a cocktail of stuff - the hemp may have had nothing to do with it.

Studies like this do only one thing. Allow companies to back up marketing claims.

"In a trial over 90% of people using this product* reduced pain and other symptoms in just 1 week"

*combined with dietary changes, speak to your doctor.


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At each point in time, all your atoms, electrons bonds etc are in a given state of motion, energy, location, etc. So the next moment must either be determined already and/or varied by what we consider random quantum effects. And so on back to the big bang and forwards into the future.

Unless there is "a soul" or similar which would contain our will and can somehow interact with our body(including the brain) and change its state but also has never been detected by science... it is pretty hard to explain that their is free will.

However, it is clear that drugs/chemicals, brain damage, education, illness, weather, sleep deprivation, time of day, etc can affect what people think, how they think and how they act. Which means that a souls impact is minimal or the soul is impacted by the material world and is therefore starting to look deterministic...

Either quantum actions in the brain are soul/magic/unknown something or we are deterministic (Newtonian) and/or random (quantum) bio-automatons.

Or, of course, we are in a simulation, then a scientific understanding of the "world" doesn't help much as there could be a random "if statement".


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When does

"Who hell would vote for Biden, he is terrible and Trump is amazing"

"No one I know, this is fishy"

"Clearly this election was rigged, no one would vote for Biden, this is our democracy being stolen by Washington Elites!"

"Someone should do something about it"

"We should tell everyone about this, encourage others to protest, railing about this online and on TV"

"We should protest to pressure the politicians to throw out the fake results and put Trump in"

"They disregarded our votes, why would they listen to our protest, I think we need to go in"

riot/coup/treason time

Cross the line?

(Yes my impression of how Trump supporters talk isn't very good - I am not a writer)

The thing is, if you genuinely believe your democracy is usurped. And the authorities are complicit. And votes are meaningless. Isn't protest and possibly even violence the next logical steps?

If a president refused to step down at the end of their term and the authorities backed him - wouldn't overthrowing them be logical to most people.

Once people are convinced their democratic rights are gone and the government is corrupt. The next steps are obvious.

Trumps supporters were convinced the election was rigged. Given that the fake information is believed - the next step is inevitable.

It is only preventable by having everyone educated, mentally stable, informed and open minded so they can work out what press is bullshit.

If you have angry, living in closed bubbles and misinformed people - the outcome of Trump/Fox/whoever's rhetoric is inevitable.

The only way to prevent it without redesigning society and the media is to prevent the spread of intolerant views before they lead to violence.

Or we go with the existing option of let people fuck up and then arrest afterwards. Which in my mind is horribly probably a better option than excessive censorship and thought police.

Given that we know advertising and propaganda are effective (hence why they are one of the world's biggest industries) - should those who spread the lies be held accountable like a person shouting fire in a crowded cinema?


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Is killing with months of planning and warning, Killing because of breach of contract and killing by setting someone up to be executed for a child murder you committed able to be considered "uncontrolled anger".

He controlled his anger enough not to kill the Doctor outright. He controlled his anger if it benefited him. I don't know why the world is full of Creature apologists.


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Yes bad things happen to the Creature. He is the victim in some instances. This may explain why he is an evil sadistic killer. But doesn't make him not a mentally culpable for the complex and heinous crimes committed or excuse him from guilt.

The Creature is far to well spoken, understands people and emotions too deeply and plans too thoroughly to be left off the hook as a child.

The Doctor made mistakes as a parent. Panicked and terrified by the animated corpse he had creates, he fled. That is the wrong thing to do. However it definitely isn't worse than the Creature. The Doctor is racked with guilt, learned not to make the same mistake and so didn't make the Female Creature. Put effort into trying to limit the creatures harm.

This isn't a battered partner lashing out. This is a adult who discovers the identity of their birth parent, who left them in an orphanage where they got abused, planning and murdering friends/family/bride of the birth parent and extorting them for things they want.


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Yeah, I don't get all the "Frankenstein's Creature is a victim".

Hyper intelligent with great understanding of others emotions. Absolutely knows of right and wrong. Is willing to kill and torture for his own gain and for vengence. "But would totally have been nice if everyone was nicer to him so it is all their fault."

I guess the Creature is such a psychopathic narcissist how is the bad guy who thinks he's the victim and noble hero... who punishes and condemns other's mistakes harshly and justifies his own horrendous actions absolutely - that a lot of people relate to the Creature.

Or people didn't read the book so run with the meme - "Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster. Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster." Which is BS.

Should be "Knowledge is knowing that memes are entertaining. Wisdom is knowing that people lie on the internet."