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> I’m talking about apple employees, the part where I said “They work for apple” probably should have clued you in…

oh duh. and all those apple employees driving to the office causing traffic and increasing housing prices in the local area don't affect anyone else...


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In a thread I saw someone say they were looking forward to everyone coming back to the office. But people pointed out traffic would be worse, the office would be loud, and other general annoyances. I’ve been mixed since it started and I can say when I start missing one reality hits and I realize I don’t. Home is just better for a lot of reasons, but for me it’s mostly sleeping in. And traffic just sucks.


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> Now in it's 4th year, I'm dying to go back. Socializing with people from behind screens (no one even turns their camera on!) and owning equipment you can't hold or interface with, it's really lost its charm.

I think people are having graduation glasses. everyone starts going back to the office 5 days a week and people will realize it wasn't as great as they remember...


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This opinion is what leads to terrible societal decisions at the detriment of the environment. We need food so over fishing is NBD. Plastic is amazing so use it everywhere. Strip mining…. We can do satellites w/o running astronomers view. Space telescopes might be better but land ones are way easier to make…