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> Asterix & Obelix : Mission Cleopatra

I loved reading the comics and watching the cartoons as a kid. I also vividly remember there being an Asterix & Obelix themed amusement park in Paris. Never went there though. It's not a surprise to me that there was a live action movie with these characters, but it is a surprise that I didn't know about it given how much of a fan I was as a kid.


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Disney wanted to capitalize on the spy thriller genre. Not that deep.

Cars is more enjoyable to watch if you're a car enthusiast. There's tons of Easter eggs and references in all 3 movies. It may not really speak to you, but imo it's a solid love letter to those who live and breathe cars.


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Shuri's vengeful spirit arc was never about T'Challa. It was about her mother. She spent most of the movie in a state of perpetual anger over not being able to synthesize a cure for her brother quickly enough. She had even given up on it entirely despite it being a high priority for the kingdom. It's a perfectly normal part of the grieving process. If it's not dealt with in a healthy manner, it's gonna reach a climax, at which point you kinda just really want there to be someone or something to blame, so you can take that anger out on them. Her mother dying was that climax. Namor was that person she wished to direct her accumulated anger toward. That is why the vengeance thing didn't show up until the third act. It was allowed to pile up.

We can actually see Queen Ramonda in this stage of the mourning process as well, as evidenced by her absolutely wailing down on Okoye and then firing her, despite knowing she is still the most capable warrior they have, and knowing it isn't her fault that Shuri got kidnapped. This was the climax of her grief, and she chose to direct it toward Okoye.

A common thing between both Shuri and her mother's climaxes is that both of them can be traced back to Shuri's decision to go and get Riri before the fish people. Both characters blame themselves for the events that followed. Shuri likely felt that none of this would've happened if she didn't insist on going to get Riri, and Ramonda likely felt that none of this would've happened if she just put her foot down and prevented Shuri from putting herself at risk.

I agree with the rest though, but in fairness, that's something most of Marvel's more recent movies suffer from, so it's kinda low hanging fruit. I ended up liking the movie though. It's not a high bar, but it does stand as one of the better phase 4 properties.


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Reply to comment by SuperNntendoChlmers in Prime John Wick by BenefitPale

Ever since he decided to avenge his dog and get his car back, I feel like John is in a sort of impossible situation where if he refuses to indulge the people asking favours from him, they'll just fuck with him until he snaps, but when he does inevitably snap, everybody's after him because he went too far, or he killed the wrong person, or he broke the rules.


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> one can only imagine what freak of nature he was in his prime.

This bit was hinted at when literally everybody who talks about John describes him as an unstoppable killing machine...."a man of focus, commitment, and sheer fuckin will".


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If it was a deathmatch, John Wick, easily. Especially if "whatever else is readily available in the room" can be used as a weapon. His combat versatility is on another level. He killed a dude with a fucking book ffs.

Between Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt, I'd give it to Bourne. Ethan Hunt isn't really that great at hand to hand combat. His victories have largely come down to having an assist and/or being in the right place at the right time. He's otherwise fairly easily outmatched in direct combat. If this were a car chase battle though, he'd probably be in very close contention with John Wick, if not the winner.


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There's obviously still a line to be drawn, but as of late, that line seems to be drawn so close that it's impossible to make any sort of joke without catastrophically offending someone.

This post is a decent example of that. 30 years ago the idea of a government agent misusing his government agent skills and funding to fuck around with his unfaithful wife, to the backdrop of an action flick, was funny as fuck. Now though, some random dude is deciding to post about it, saying that it offends them and that the premise is the sole reason that a 4K re release would bomb.


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Having a high IQ doesn't automatically translate to being a genius. It just means you're capable of it if you put it to use.

FWIW though, Dolph Lundgren does hold a master's degree in chemical engineering, which he got from the University of Sydney. He had also received an MIT scholarship shortly after, and then left it all behind to pursue (at the suggestion of his then girlfriend Grace Jones) an acting career. He's definitely not as much of a meathead as his appearance would lead one to believe.