doc_willis t1_jdi771m wrote

I read a lot of old books, like the original Sherlock Holmes and so forth, I consider myself decently well read, but on many occasions I had to go look up some old terms that I had zero clue what they ment.

I could often infer what they meant from the book, but not always.

the Kindle features made it rather easy.

I now know that a "Handsom" is a type of horse drawn carriage, and "Sticking plaster" is some sort of bandage.


doc_willis t1_jcfgsn6 wrote

> wearing homemade smuggling backpack

So there are commercially made backpacks I can buy for my family of pigeons? That would be such a timesaver for me!

school is starting up soon, so I need to get them all ready with tiny backpacks, and little pencils and tiny little rain boots for bad weather.

and where can I get tiny brown bags to hold their tiny lunches?