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My daughter and I have gone every year since 2018 (minus the COVID years) and we’ll be there tomorrow. The Q&As have a moderator, people line up to ask questions, the whole shebang. It’s a con, just a small one (although it’s VERY crowded).

There are definitely last-minute cancellations, but most of the big guests still come. Although Katee Sackhoff just canceled which I’m pretty bummed about…


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So my daughter’s birthday is Saturday and mine’s on Sunday. We’re no-contact with my parents because they’ve leaned hard into the religious MAGA boomer role over the last few years. They think the best way to earn their way back into our lives is with money. Usually I just shred the checks, but decided to do this with it this year instead.


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Yeah that shit is brutal. Especially with food prices being what they are. I also appreciate that good vegan food is hard to come by, but opening a place like that in Chesterfield is...a choice.


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I get the sentiment seeing your favorite place in trouble, but if a business can’t sustain itself on its you know, business, then it’s time to close down. From reading the GoFundMe, it seems the owner has trouble managing her expenses and these donations are just gonna delay the inevitable.

As for the Super Bowl, I just hope it’s a good game. Supposed to be the best two teams in the NFL (in theory), but there’s nothing worse than a blowout championship.


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I only use HBO Max because I paid for a year last summer at a steep discount. I won’t be renewing it though, especially with the Discovery merger. I usually just “acquire” shows/movies and drop them on my Plex for me and my family to watch.

My daughter is really into anime so I did get her a subscription to Crunchyroll because some of that shit is hard to find elsewhere…


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My kid started watching Ghosts which is incredibly…meh.

Then we found the original UK version (on HBO Max) and that’s one of the funniest goddam shows I’ve ever seen.


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I can only imagine how bad the video is going to be. Cops got fired and charged before it was even released….

Edit: spelling

Edit 2: If anyone is interested, this channel on YouTube is where I usually go to watch police body cam footage. All they do is put up whatever official footage is released by police departments and they usually do it very quickly. It's all uncut, unedited footage, and doesn't include commentary unless the police released it that way. Lots of boot lickers in the comments, but it's a good source of unbiased footage. Should also go without saying that the channel is VERY NSFW.

Edit 3: Just watched a couple of the videos they released. It’s bad.


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Depending on their age, the Science Museum. When she was younger, I could park myself in the same general area as my kid and just let her go to town on the exhibits. Pretty sure she made a new best friend every time we went.


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Honestly, I’d have to look it up. I’ve lived in so many different places I don’t know what the laws are here. Like others have said though, even if you are right, they can make your life miserable in other ways.

IMO, the fourth amendment died as soon as the Patriot Act was passed in 2001. We gave Caesar his power and he isn’t giving it back.

I’m also fully aware that I’m a middle-aged white guy and any interaction with law enforcement isn’t going to escalate unless I start some shit. Not gonna see me on a viral video challenging the guys with guns, itchy trigger fingers, and relatively little training. I’ve got a kid to take care of.


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I get a small pension for being retired military, but the real benefit is the free health insurance. So grateful for that these days.

On that note, going to get my COVID booster and flu shot here in about 30 minutes. I want ALL the microchips!


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Not even remotely a secret, but I like the tacky light tours. Lots of cool houses in the area. Although my favorite was always the one on Laburnum that synced their lights to music but I guess they don’t do it anymore?


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I have to leave at 6:30a to get my daughter to school in Chesterfield. Usually hit the start of rush hour on the way back into the city. I live by Mary Munford so the most direct route back is Huguenot/Cary, but holy shit there are so many people that use that as a main artery in the morning.


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I’m sitting in the parking lot waiting to pick up my sixth grader from her first school dance. Hope she had fun.


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I’m at Busch Gardens for Howl-O-Scream. This is probably the last year I get a season pass here. It’s just not worth the cost with so much of the park closed on a regular basis.

Also they’re not even attempting to hide the fact they aren’t trying for Halloween anymore. Literally employees setting up Christmas trees and lights this morning…

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