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I love how you just cheered for ignorance of science in that first part, basically making my case for me. Reproducibility of results and verification by multiple parties is the only way we know anything, it is constantly proving more accurate than beliefs of any single individual.


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A lump of mush and neurons rattling around inside a osseus tissue cavity. We know that because every person who has ever been examined by millions of certified modern professionals says it is so. It was the same yesterday and will be the same tomorrow. Therefor any one of us being any different would be beyond what is statistically possible.

Thats whats real. We can know it very easily and without faith.


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If we dont use science as our basis for knowledge of reality then we have absolutely no basis for reality, because nothing else even comes close. We do have it, though, and it is highly accurate, and so choosing not to use it is ignorance.


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No, it was a pretty simple idea, cannot think of a way to make it any easier to digest. The more math you know the more you see the similarity in how everything is described through mathematics.


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I disagree that we cannot or do not quantify or define what is real. Philosophies like this, to me, always read as an ignorance of science or a poor excuse not to look behind the curtain that is your current shallow understanding of a subject. Best part is, when you start to get far enough along into mathematics and statistics, you realize it all sort of ties back together.


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Often mischaracterized as hedonism, epicureanism is actually [goes on to describe hedonism].

Like bro, you basically argued an excuse for rich people to practice ignorance of the consequences of their actions.

I will say that at least Epicureanism plans for long term happiness, but I still see no traces of selflessness in it.


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Rather than Nihilistic I think this thought process more approaches a sort of selfish dogmatism, doesn't it?

Both immediate satisfaction and marginal lifelong satisfaction based decision making for individuals seems very much uncharacteristic of a civilised individual displaying empathy in any broad sense.