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I know some Arias agents and am connected on social media. The daily staged success stories and practiced tone of confidence in their voice is absolutely hilarious when they try to speak like they invented being a winner in faux designer suits and borrowed sports cars. Simultaneously I’ve been sad for them for years though because I knew stories like this would come along and derail their actually fragile lifeline. This is a classic example of the old saying “talk shit, get hit”.


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Based on your question, your situation, and fluctuations in crime around the city lately, I’d consider Greenfield. You’re in the city where transportation is decent, beyond the tunnels for if/when you get a car, near squirrel hill for great eats but reduced price, lesser crime than similar areas as of late, & not considered to quite cross the threshold of trashy. Runner up alternatives that don’t meet all of the same criteria: Bloomfield or Dormont.