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Not that much - anyone complaining about someone making a basic website for free - its not a peer or someone that should be getting paid for such simple work to begin with . Too many people call themselvs web Devs that can barely make a functional website.

The true work would never be given away free - the stats, BI , KPI type work that is really needed. Integration and business continuity stuff . That what you dont give away , that might hurt peers and industry but simple stuff that takes an hour to do is great to do like this . Help people out , make a profile for one is under value it simple work and just practice for someone that probably didnt go though normal education channels


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the people that will take him up on the offer are probably people that would not have spent the money on it anyway. Grab a few people with some simple store / restaurant pages or something simple .

Cast a net and pick and choose what he does for free. I doubt he is doing corporate level BI/ AI that people pay the real money for and more of a here a few business pages i did and helping the local community.

There was a time in my life where 3/4 of the business in my area had free pages done by me just to help the community . Restaurants that wouldnt have them otherwise or half ass self builder in frames sites that look 20 years outdated otherwise.

Leave the man be


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LMAO this is hilarious id love to see this take root. Never will because money talks . I know its done in Jest but it would be the worlds greatest David VS Goliath story if some random Rich person or powerful politician randomly decided to back this and it really got going lol .


It would be the greatest Karma ever for him to lose the golf course from pushing too hard to own the park


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ID feel sorry for this place cause it seems like a local mom and pop owned place but its not it belongs to one of those "Groups" . Also terrible service and same people that run an exclusive bar with $2500 a year membership..... RIP


Good mixed drinks though for a quick pass though in the summer - IF the only overwhelmed person working the entire place ever actually gets around to getting it to you at least.


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Ughh this is disgusting - i wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt , but this is just too much. Hate to say it as i love the place but ill just go to Corgi and Depurated instead . Not that a small number of us on reddit will do much to their bottom line , but at least we know who they are and can tell others and maybe long term that will


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except when their is social media - they already acknowledged they did no digging into the org , looks good at face value - booked it for that and regret it but can not cancel the event due to agreements .


They know they fucked up at this point and i genuinely believe they regret it


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They addressed it on twitter - they did Zero Research into the org. Thought it was a legit good org trying to improve the park.. i mean the entire point of the org it to get the community to support it at face value ...lets be honest the average citizen and person doesn't dig much deeper then face value. I mean lets cut them a bit of a brake and let this be a lesson to them to check on who they are allowing to have events at their space.

Honestly if it wasn't for reddit and only seeing the media / propaganda i might think they weren't so bad if not of the giant venue in the middle at least.

Ive meet them a few times - talked to them when it was slow the seem like good people that made an honest / lazy mistake .


Side note if your willing to drive all the way to Defiant - you might want to check out Carton its less then an hour from JC. Edit* Except in the peak of beach season btw since its in that general direction . But this time of year is AWESOME to go to it .


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I think most of us realize you were trying to just have a fun event and bring people in the doors ..not many people know the dark truth behind that organization so can't really fault you guys for not knowing a organization that presents itself as cleaning up and improving the park isnt actually made for the reason .

While i wont be at this event because i would not be a nice person to them and their lies so remove myself from the situation - you guys have my continued support


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I like 902. I have to assume they don't really look into who is booking their rooms and don't know the truth behind The peoples Park Foundation. O paper they sound great and thats what they are doing hoping to drum up support for an organization that on paper looks like it just wants to bring more Req fields and Rec center to LSP is the unused space.

While for those that don't know is this is all just a cover for a Rich dude looking to put in event venues in the park to make money and ruin half of it.


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Because there are few if any TLC driver roaming around on this side of the river and no one wants to come form NYC just to go back to NYC.

You have to get really lucky and get someone that just happens to be doing a drop of FROM NYC.

Ive had better luck taking an uber to path then getting an uber at WTC then getting an uber from downtown to NYC.

Your gonna get cancelled on 4-5 times easy.


FYI this is off peak hours- morning and afternoon Rush hours there is a good amount going back and forth but you also get surge pricing not making it worth it


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Its getting bad for some reason the last year or two ...worse then i can ever remember.

34 years i been here. And Maybe once or twice when i was a kid someone tried to take my bike but didnt get away with it.

But in the last 2 years - ive had 3 attempted muggings and one was actually successfully when two of blind sided me for my backpack and car keys.

They caught the guy the next morning walking around the neighborhood with the clicker looking for my car--which i moved a few blocks away to my friends place with my other key. Got my key back but never did get my backpack or gaming laptop .


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because every operating part on a plane my be new / rebuilt within the last 2 years...but the passenger ops section could be 20 years old with little more then some chair back and pad and arm rest replacements .

You get on those plans without the screens in each row , you know you got on an oldie


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Its zero cost to him - most injury lawyers work on commission but they take the lions share to compensate for the risk .

My mom got a million dollar settlement from an accident that jacked up her arm for life. She barely got enough out of it to cover medical cost .

After medical bills which were about 80k after multiple surges (AFTER insurance covered their part no less) i think she got like less then 40k and lawyers ended up with the rest.


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there are also hiking groups on Meetup in JC that make plans to travel together to places or if they get enough people charter a ride that only ends up cost $15 a person as well.

Have not done it with them since pre covid so not sure of their post covid status but check