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Because they were facing military-style weaponry, which is my point

For all the "good guys with a gun" rhetoric you folks spout, they seem to disappear mighty fast when faced with a bad guy with a semi-auto


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I mean, use whatever stats you want to imply what you want to imply.

"Gun deaths" will include suicides, of which there are very many. Does anyone use an AR for that? No. Do they use ARs in slaughtering innocents in schools, churches, malls, concerts, bars, etc.? Yep. And both figures are grotesquely high *when compared to any similar country* other that the U.S.


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Because rifles are increasingly used for mass attacks - 4 out of 5 of the worst mass shootings in the US involved rifles, including the worst (Las Vegas). Sandy Hook, Orlando. That kind of firepower is more difficult to counter - look at Uvalde. Or, again, Vegas -- not so easy to rack up huge casualty numbers with handguns (which are more common, so yeah - they're used more often).