dojijosu t1_jcg3uqn wrote

I don't know, man. COVID took out the second most prominent Republican in the state, and they accused the medical examiner of fraud (which they then did not investigate, though controlling both houses and the governor) and doubling down on reducing COVID protocols.

I don't think we live in the era of Dick Cheney changing his stance on LGBT when his daughter comes out anymore. For the NHGOP the poison is hitting the bloodstream.


dojijosu t1_jcfyobd wrote

I happen to know some of the "Water Warriors," and while I'm not an expert on the subject, I know the levels they are calling for are both testable and achievable.

But let's say they weren't. Then the reasonable Republican (of myth) would say "Woah there, my liberal friend. You've got the right idea, but you're doing it wrong. Watch how we conservatives do it right and get some progress where you got none."

That would be a huge win. But they just don't care.