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It's kind of amusing to watch people conflate the fact that it is technically possible to 3d print a gun with the assumption that it is widespread.

Like yeah sure there will inevitably be some people who try it, but "there's no point if any fraud happens" is clearly stupid.

Also kind of like this


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> Notice that the UK gov dictates to the Church while flattering Islam

As I just told you which you ignored for some reason, Parliament gets to dictate to the Church of England because the Church of England is literally a government institution, as opposed to Islam, which has no connection to the government lmao.


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>Forcing religions to appeal to me when not one part of me is religious?Thinking it wrong for Government to force religions into doing things?

I'm not sure how you keep missing this, but the Church of England is not just a religion, it is literally an extension of the government. They automatically get 26 seats in the House of Lords where they vote on legislation. Bishops are approved by a government panel. Parliament already votes on religious matters like approving new editions of the Book of Common Prayer.