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>Huh, I haven't used it in years but it's great to see them still chugging along!

Biggest change, over the last couple years, imo, has been the ability to select gui themes that completely change the appearance to match other office suites.

Been using for several years, but since college, the need hasn't been as big as it once was.


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>The whole point of crypto (especially the exchanges) is just to take cash away from users and encourage more users to pour in actual $$$, get worthless tokens in exchange, while they run away with the $$$. Being mad at a few specific actors in the fraud chain just makes no sense, the problem is the fraud chain itself. Luna and FTX just happened to be the first big dominos to fall. Of course, there are smaller fraudtokens that fail constantly, and on purpose!

Oh I'm not mad at these specific players per se. I'm just glad that they fell, and fell hard in order to confirm and prove what actual, financial experts had been warning for many years, while the crypto cult screamed fud and sucked more people into, what is at best, an MLM and at worst, a Ponzi scheme.


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>Is there really antisemitism before the middle ages? I mean before that, they were conquered a few times, but the conqerors weren’t attacking just because they were hebrews, or treating them any worse than their other conquerees.

Considering that the seleucids attempted what we'd consider genocide during the Maccabean Wars; the policies of the Roman and then Byzantine empires banning conversion to Judaism by death and then various, antisemitic policies since...

Yeah, it's been around for a long time.


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It means gross vehicle weight and the issue is that the Tesla Semi, demonstrated only had about a quarter to half of the load of a traditional semi, which is important, because in 2017, Musk said that these trucks would be more efficient than trains. 🙄

Also, the charge times aren't super great, and while he was pushing these semis, other automakers were expanding in the short distance, delivery sector with trucks that are arguably more practical and useful.


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Probably, but I do agree. I just can't believe they went all in on VR and the metaverse just as other companies, studios, etc were cutting back due to lackluster demand and the fact that the lack of standardization has made it difficult for studios to guarantee that content will work across different VR setups - ie Oculus, Vive and Windows Mixed Reality (ie everybody else), often leading to proprietary or semi proprietary content that either works on a single device or only a couple of devices.

With that said, the average person isn't buying a headset... So why did meta think they could talk said average person into dropping $300+ on theirs?


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Yes. Ad revenue is definitely their cash cow, but the social experimentation has been another major source of income, both in terms of data they can sell and data they could use to improve the impacts of their platform. They've been surprisingly open about some of the experiments, as they've had impacts on how their algorithms work, but even then, there's been little in the way of regulations let alone ethics.

And it isn't just Facebook - reddit has performed social experiments on its user base as well as other companies, except that, as for the experiments revealed to the public, Facebook has admitted to adversely impacting the livelihoods of large groups of users.

In one experiment that Andrew Marantz cited in his book, Anti-social: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of the American Conversation, Facebook intentionally subjected one user group to positive posts and news articles only and another to negative content. Those exposed to the negative content expressed emotional distress and evidence that their quality of life suffered at a worse rate than at the rate that the other group, exposed to positive content, saw their livelihoods improve. And it's thought that this is one of the more impactful experiments when it came to tuning the overall algorithm behind Facebooks news feed.


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Eh. It probably won't though. Not as long as grandma and the aunts and uncles keep committing themselves to social data collection and various experiments.

Want to kill meta and change how social media impacts us? Ban automatic, opt in clauses to these experiments in user agreements. Require users to have to manually review a separate agreement that they have to consent to with a digital signature and initials in 3+ places and then require full disclosure for all experiments.

In other words, if your grandma and/or her data was used in an experiment, either directly or indirectly, a simple English email must be sent to her that describes the experiment, the purpose, the control and the variables, as well as any placebos, and where she fell into all of it. A law like this would essentially break Metas current model and damage their revenue stream.