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I just watch Forensic Files on repeat. Still hasn't gotten old after all these years.

I really want to watch the Last of Us but I'm worried it will be like Resident Evil where the game was amazing but the movies just fall short.


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What's your best piece of travel advice?

I had to start traveling a lot for work a little over a year ago but it still hasn't clicked for me.


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I've been on a greek salad kick lately so maybe one of those but I'm not sure if I'll get enough time on lunch with how crazy everything has been at work.

Eating some leftover rice and scrambled eggs right now for breakfast and this may have to just suffice until dinner.


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Both of my parents have cancer so my doctor has been running labs to make sure that I am not at risk as well.

Did you know that you can have a good diet, exercise, healthyish lifestyle in general and still just have really bad genes? My heart sank when I read all of the deficiencies/disorders they have apparently diagnosed me with. Not a great way to end the year.

Hope you're all having a better day than I am.

Also - starting off the new year with change in your pocket. Never start a new year on empty.


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About to get downvoted for this, but-

The most underwhelming meal I've had here was Perly's benny goodman with smoked salmon. I was so excited and really wanted to like it because I've never heard anything bad about them but everything was so bland.


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There's a shop in Mechanicsville that has them but they are really high maintenance animals that need very particular cold water conditions. They also shouldn't be touched unless absolutely necessary which might not make them the best for a kid (their skin is made of cartilage, very sensitive, and permeable).

They're really cute but I'm tired of seeing my friends buy them and then watch them slowly die. They're amazing creatures and I highly encourage getting them as long as you're willing to fully commit to their care. Sorry if this comment is negative.


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Working really hard this morning to prove my worth to my employer and I have to keep fighting the voice in my head that's asking why I am even doing this.

Long story short, I've spent 3 months managing a huge marketing/sales project in Florida. Nobody knows this portfolio like I do. They just hired a project manager that I'm supposed to hand everything over to and he gets to take all the credit. I've been trying to play nice but, on our weekly update call, he literally could not even provide a single update and asked me to recite them. He's had all of my trackers/updates and I guess he was too good to read any of my files? Or even ask me to explain? But he gets the credit.


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It sounds like you had your hands full watching the kids and you did not get to enjoy looking at the lights themselves - I'm sorry for that and I hope you get a break soon.

I loved it; I often look back at photos from last year just to remind myself that it was real and not some fever dream, but I also don't mind the cold and have no one to look after.


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It took about 5 interviews for my current job (most were over the phone though, so I'm not sure if that detracts since I didn't have to take time off for them).

Each interview was actually me just getting to talk to each of the people who would be on my team. This is the best job I've ever had in my life.