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They rip around the corner and slam into a group of juggalos near the Palladium... the only one that made it was a giant fat girl in full face paint, that was in a fistfight with 3 cops on the sidewalk. It was an amazing show, having 5 maniac druggies who just died and could be mourned in honor of the joker's cards. King Cobra and illegal hash oil vape pens were shared by all.


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the people who get it, get it. the people who don't, don't. I met Beet. I worked with a guy who had a tape archive. I've made top ten wack pack lists and had heated debates on them. I have unironically listened to Jackie's Jokehunt and Riley Martin. It's a scene and I love it. The fuckin E show... the list goes on


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Reply to Limerick, ME by Mikerm3

I did this in vermont and ignored a sign. then my edibles hit. wound up on single lane cliff roads (as wide as 1 car, no rails, cliff dropoff) that lead to broken jeep trails. no cell reception. At one point I had a vague ufo type experience alone in a field when I stopped to pee under the full moon in a field and I turned and saw an unmoving jet black circle next to me unlike anything visually where I was. I cried at one point. It was a nightmare. Took me hours at night to figure it out. never ignore these signs.