dontbthatguy OP t1_ir4p9l1 wrote

This is what animal control has written with him.

Impound #2 "Dave" large (just over 100lbs) Pitbull Mix, male neutered, white with liver spots. We estimate his age at about 4 or 5 years old.

Big Dave is a very powerful dog so we are looking for a potential adopter who can handle him physically. Small animals and children are not recommended due to his size, and he will require some training on a leash.

Please contact Animal Control directly for any inquiries.


dontbthatguy OP t1_ir36f7l wrote

Iv walked this big oaf a handful of times now and he seems like a great guy.

He comes out like a wrecking ball and is a total doofus on the leash for the first 100 feet or so if his walk. All he wants to do is bite and tug the leash. But he settles in and is good.

He’s powerful obviously but doesn’t try to over power you when walking.

We can’t have him meet people or other dogs while on a walk but he seem to do well when passing them. Just seems curious.

He was found as a stray in first week of July and has been there ever since.

I have a video or two of him so please dm me if you want to see it or learn more.