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Nobody serious is disregarding one civilisation against another. Highlighting this is the earliest coordinates-rich mapping we know of doesn’t cast shadows on what pre-Colombian or ancient Egyptian folks achieved. There is absolutely no need to polarise this. They are all fascinating.


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I believe this is more about the coordinates against each star than just a visual representation like the ones we found in Ancient Egypt (not in the pyramids as far as I am aware, rather in tombs like Senenmut’s).

It seems Egyptians we’re getting pretty good at timing and figure alignments out, but in this case the finding seems to provide spherical coordinates.


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Read the article. Mapping is one thing (as in laying out where stars are respective to each other), registering coordinates for each of them is another. And even in that case, the coordinates are augmented with magnitude. This is what makes the finding remarkable, this is science not politics.