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About 15 years ago, I was in Zion National Park hiking up the narrows in March. It was not crowded because it was freezing (water was fresh snowmelt, thigh+ deep in some places). It was incredible. We only met one other couple, two older folks, the guy with a very nice canon slung on his neck. We chatted, and he gave me a piece of advice I’ve never forgotten. I mentioned how he was brave for bringing his camera, that I had left my Nikon in the car. He said, “a camera left at home for safe keeping is no better than a broken camera.” It’s going to break someday anyway, might as well take the risk of that happening while you’re doing something exciting, and get some great pictures along the way. Put your camera to work and then carry it in a backpack rest of the day.


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At the restaurant I worked at back in college, our manager superglued a quarter to the floor in the lobby. Similar vibes. The cruel part was that the quarter was only a few paces from the quarter machines that sold gum balls, stickers, and mini toys. So many confused and sad children.


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Never experienced anything like this, but please update when you get a resolution (or don’t). I have increasingly had problems with Free2Move and feel like their time in business is limited, and I suspect they will offer increasingly less support for issues like this as they go down.


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I stopped frequenting Pho 14 in about 2018 because it seemed like the quality of their meat cuts just kept deteriorating. I used to usually get the Pho Chin and then they started running out of it at random times and then the cuts were increasingly fatty and/or gristly. Can you or anyone else report on whether they’ve improved things since then, especially with the Pho Chin?


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Google Maps to/from DCA is messed up right now because the yellow line bridge is closed, but you can take the blue line from the DCA station to Smithsonian or L’Enfant Plaza stations, it just takes a lot longer. It’s probably 30-35 minutes not including walk time. Google was giving me the same weird instructions last week.