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It's scary when we look at the primary energy issue, compared with the renewable portion.

The good news is that it isn't as bad as it looks as that primary energy also includes the energy that goes to waste in creating it. All that waste heat leaving engines and smokestacks is a high portion of that primary energy.


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Humans are vulnerable to thinking they are living in special times. Eschatology is the word for it.

I'm old and was raised on the dreams of scifi in the 60s. I've always thought we might get to a singularity one day, possibly in my lifetime, but I've never thought we are on the cusp of it until now.


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I'm going that once it's been properly tested we can release such models on all kids.

Yes it's scary. But I'm guessing it will be much easier to shut down the bad pathways quite swiftly. At least for the more quotidian situations.


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Hope we expect to respond and how we respond are two very different things.

I've been shocked and surprised by how easy it is to project agency onto chatgpt. I suspect I would adapt very easily to a bot companion.

That movie Her captures it. Bonus points when the bot is voiced by Scarlett Johansson!


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I'm gonna need an ai to figure out what stories I like reading most.

I guess they might as well create them while they are at it. I'll be curated into my own little whirlpool of culture.

Could be with time, people interlope into my taste stream and find it refreshing. Then I'll charge them for the pleasure...


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>Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused global energy prices to rise dramatically in 2022, exacerbating existing price increases due to rising demand from the post-pandemic economic recovery.

I guess it's hard to separate the two.


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The article includes this quote.

>“For many years the IEA earned the reputation of vastly underestimating renewable energy growth,” he said, “so there might be a tendency to bend over backwards and err on the side of exuberant optimism.”

Did they give inflated electrons this time? The report itself says

>Our outlook for 2023 to 2025 shows that renewable power generation is set to increase more than all other sources combined, with an annualised growth of over 9%.

I get confused at that point not knowing if they mean any of three things.

9% growth in energy output annually

9% growth of installation of equipment compared to the previous year

9% growth of equipment from the previous accumulated

Anyway, hope they have vastly underestimated as usual. Every time I look into their assumptions they did a significant bias toward minimal growth.

Yesterday I looked at their projections for our mining and minerals needs for example and they were so pessimistic and already demonstrably wrong.


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I'm a casual reader on this sub with a systems engineering background and don't understand most of those headlines. I do understand a few and the implications of those are huge.

Let's hope humanity somehow manages to adapt to this.

Our current laws and governance structures are so slow they won't be able to do much. It will be like shooting at a bunny based on where it was a week ago.


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I'm impressed that we are at 5% but a quick look had me like positive.

>Currently, the vast majority of CDR uses conventional methods, managing land so that it absorbs and stores atmospheric carbon dioxide — for example by planting trees, restoring damaged forests or replenishing soil so that it stores more carbon.

I'm guessing we can't increase that 20 times and there is a limited amount that can be stored there.

Maybe we should just stop making greenhouse gas emissions instead....