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'Night Soldiers' by Allan Furst. In 1934, a teenage Bulgarian fisherman is killed by a Fascist mob. His older brother is recruited to join the Soviet KGB. Trained as a spy and assassin, he is sent to Spain to fight in the Civil War.

For fantasy, try anything by Tanith Lee. 'Night's Master' is set back when the Earth was still flat, and demon lords rode up from the Underworld to seduce and/or terrorize the humans.


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Yes, well I guess there is a difference between being allowed to do something and having the resources to actually accomplish it.

Like, you have the legal right to climb Mt. Everest, but will never climb out of the basement.


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I live in New York. Property owner is responsible to clear their own driveway and provide a path on the sidewalk. Dept. of Sanitation goes on alert if a heavy snow storm is predicted. Sanitation folks make big overtime when there are storms. Snowplows, salt spreaders , and other equipment is on hand. They work until the snow is cleared. Regular sanitation pickups sometimes suffer, but everything eventually gets cleared away.


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Two books actually changed my life.

"Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Manual." All you need is a stopwatch and enough room to do a jumping jack. 15 minutes a day.

"Discover What You Are Best At," Linda Gail. Found a career I'd never suspected I'd enjoy.


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Worker's Unions are controversial because they can force the rich to give up some of their money. That means the owners will spend vast sums of money to eliminate the threat. Back in the day, on financier said that he could hire half the working class to kill the other half. It should be noted that most of the workers' rights that are common today came from Unions. The 40 hour work week, safety regulations, restrictions on child labor, equal pay for women, unemployment insurance, social security, and other things we take for granted were won with blood and struggle.