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You'll have to take up that with Dyno. I've joined to fact check your assertions. You wrote,

> even if you added Ukrainian grain to Russia’s supply it would still not be a worldwide issue if it were cut off from the world.

What the stats at that source show is Russia is currently neck and neck with the United States for the top spot with slightly over 13% of the export market. As things stand Russia gets the top spot by a hair; if it succeeds at taking over Ukraine then Russia would be the clear leader gaining control over more than 20% of the international wheat trade.

And Ukraine's wheat production is chiefly in the west and south of the country--which is what Russia is trying hardest to control. (Crimea

> If Russia takes Ukraine it would certainly change the Regional security picture, but it would not be a worldwide issue whatsoever.

That's a sweeping claim. It doesn't look like the data bears it out.


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You need to look at exports, not just production. Ukraine was the world's fifth leading exporter of wheat in 2021. Pakistan wasn't even in the top 100.

Population has something to do with that. Pakistan has 225 million people; Ukraine has 43 million people. Pakistan is producing for domestic needs; Ukraine makes a surplus.