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Yeah I get you, I've made a habit of asking people that question as it's the reality for a lot of people where I'm from, and most people I know who state they live paycheck to paycheck are in that situation


doyouhavetono OP t1_j2mto9r wrote I didn't downvote, but there is a large quantity of people that auto downvote when they see the word "lol" on reddit, which is a bit wild, I see no problem with what you said despite the fact that it doesn't resonate with me - I think it's more likely that whoever upvoted my comment is the one that downvoted yours, no need to get all defensive over it, chill the beans

Im sorry to hear that about your family, how far north are you living? I know there are certain spots that have had it a little more difficult, but I believe for the majority of the EU its been more or less business as usual! There are people complaining on the sub, yes, but (I feel bad saying this), I know that people tend to only speak of things like this when they're worse off. People complain more often than they do celebrate. There's a name for this phenomenon, I've forgotten what it is

I'm from Ireland, where theres been more or less no change! Definitely not the north, but not the south either!


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Go to Europe and ask around haha, it's been fine for the most part, all the panic before the winter led to a lot of measures being taken which led to very little changing in terms of peoples standard of living. Also, I need to stress that Europe is not 1 country, and there's definitely a couple places that have been worse off, but the majority of countries in Europe have been genuinely fine! Can't really generalise all of the EU together