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i had fun there as a kid. as a vegan adult i would definitely not give them my money. there are plenty of more ethical sanctuaries in maine. there’s a bird sanctuary in ellsworth that i personally really enjoy; if your kiddo thinks owls n vultures are cool i’d definitely recommend checking it out.


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if you have a car it makes the most sense for you to drive your car to work, its like a 25 min drive give or take. oob is a lot busier in the summer than the winter, tourists. there’s gonna be traffic on your commute but traffic has a completely different definition in maine (meaning there isn’t really traffic lol).


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everything in portland is open so go there for shopping and food/drinks. im pretty sure bar harbor is just waking up in april so i’d plan your trip to mdi more around hiking in acadia. you’re probably not going to see a moose.


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there’s plenty of gay people here in bangor, but i’m not aware of any groups/clubs/etc. my boyfriend and i live near bangor and own a maine discord server if you’re interested. there’s a lot of lgbt folks in there