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A commenter mentioned that the ratios should have the same scale. While I have seen graphs that use different ratios and feel "10 Police Killings per 10 Million" is conceptually simpler than ".1 Police Killings per 100,000", here is an alternative graph with per Capita set on both axis to 100,000. https://imgur.com/a/NN3JUGu

Thank you for the feedback.


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My read is - there are two countries (colombia and mexico) in the americas that have much higher crime AND police killings relative to the others. There is one country (Canada) that only has a relatively higher police killing rate. There is one country (U.S.) that has a much higher police killing rate and a slightly higher murder rate.


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Data Sources:

- Police Killings by Country from World Population Review: https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/police-killings-by-country

- Violent Crime Statistics by Country from World Population Review: https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/violent-crime-rates-by-country

Tools Used:

- Everyone's Favorite - Google Sheets and then Google Drawings for stuff on top.



- I choose 1 violent crime metric (homicide) rather than the composite of all because it was not clear whether or not the reportings were collectively exhaustive or not (i.e. can an incident count as a robbery AND a homicide). I leave the other crime statistics as an exercise to the reader.

- The Data sources for each are honestly not great - World Population Review data has numbers for widely different years for each element which means there is absolutely a need to regularly collect this data to have the most up to date. I wanted to use all OECD countries but the selection here is those who actually had data for Police Killings (not a lot of countries seem to report this or at least they are not present in the world population review data).

- Does this look ugly? Yes - but I saw that # police killings post and wanted to quick respond with something that hopefully addressed questions thrown at the OP of that other post.