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Again, if they are that valuable then why not just hire a great CEO and fire everyone else. If he is worth 400 regular workers then he should be able to manage just fine.

Sorry, I don't deny that good management is important but it simply is not that valuable that one person should be a multi million / billionaire while every one under them has to buy food stamps.


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The key to protesting is to actually protest and effect the life of the person causing the problem. Go protest at the guy’s house, 24 hours a day. Block them, follow them everywhere. Make them and everyone associated with miserable. That is how you protest, not blocking traffic and affecting the lives of unassociated average people.


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What you call negativity I call being realistic. I’ve had so many people call me pessimistic and a downer because I’m able to do some basic math and tried to let them know that their ideas were impossible.

I guess it all would have worked out just fine if it wasn’t for me and that pesky reality.