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If you're a billionaire and your victim has $1000, it's easier to take $500 away from them than to make another billion, because ultimately only relative wealth matters to human beings. If you're the victim, it's better to perform poorly by not taking breaks because you can claim to have done nothing wrong while punishing your owner by performing poorly. Working extremely hard without producing actual results is basically a form of quiet quitting which is immune to detection because all metrics point towards the quiet quitter being extremely productive.


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At least you know you physically cannot get things done for a reason. Maybe it's time to be mentally okay with it rather than try to force yourself to be a highly achieving slave for people who hate you.


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> CEO making 45 million dollars a year comes in and cleans out the gears

The CEO making 90 million dollars a month apologizes profusely that the gears aren't grinding people painfully enough and then has somebody else randomly fire 10% of the workers, the gear cleaners being the first to go.


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You know who loved to see America isolated in WW2? Hitler. It was the most important requirement if he was to conquer the planet that America remain neutral for as long as possible. Now that Hitler 2.0 is trying to conquer Europe again, keeping America isolated is literally straight from the playbook of Putin. So if something keeps the new Hitler contained it really is uplifting. Only Putin can or has the responsibility of deescalating as everybody else is defending against his aggression, not the other way around.


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I have the perfect solution for such people and it is to write everything in a single extraordinarily long sentence that just doesn't stop when normally you might think some punctuation would make sense but it just keeps on going like the world is about to end in an instant because sometimes all you get is a single thought that contains so many ideas in it that splitting it into more than a single sentence or paragraph would feel unnatural but writing it all out in one giant single mental breath makes sense and as you do that your reader is bound to have a mental collapse of proportions that are enough to make them question reality in a way that ensures they either have to ignore what you say or accept it as their new reality and that is what happens with sentences that just never end as it feels you must be running out of air internally but you don't do that as the human brain is capable of incredible feats of self-deception if motivated properly


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A drone flying a package home to you doesn't require expensive infrastructure and can theoretically carry a package of any size. The real advantage to a tube system might be in speed and maybe requiring less energy per delivery but plumbers are not rich for no reason.


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> It really is a shame how completely useless the internet has become.

Yeah you can only use it for entertainment, employment, education, socializing, communication, research, file transfer, commerce, distributed supercomputing, telepresence and controlling teapots. Completely useless. What we really need is a series of pneumatic tubes! The tubes could contain actual cats, none of this digital nonsense that doesn't even exist.