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> performed 34 minutes of high intensity exercise > > ... > > Serum myokine levels and cancer suppression returned to baseline after 30 minutes

That doesn't seem very useful, as a layman.

EDIT: we're not talking about the benefits of exercise in general. That's well established and I am in no way questioning that. We're talking about myokines and cancer suppression.


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Keep in mind they use a chip for sample analysis. If they're not already capturing these genes, they either need a new chip revision and have to rerun samples, or they have to rely on studies finding an association with things they already know about you.

(You can opt into sample storage for future work, but it's been years and they haven't created a new chip revision yet)


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In most (non-septic) US households at least, the drains and toilets all go to the same place. I don't think you want to recirculate that for flushing, the result won't be much better than letting it sit.