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developers will just be actually making apps and tech instead of spending time with the minute conventions of manual codewriting, same thing has happened already with frameworks/libraries this is no different. Innovation is only going to speed up and greater things will be able to be accomplished with less effort. Thought workers are still going to be valued as they always have.


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Amateur (albeit incredibly notorious) theology/anthropology scholar here.

Has it been put forth amongst you professional anthropologists that the stories of Sumerian culture (particularly the Enuma Elish) seem to provide metaphorical corroboration of events that closely mirror what we see in geological record?

I for one am particularly interested in the possibility that the tale of Tiamat's destruction was describing the great cataclysm that ended the Dinosaurs' reign on earth.

The implications are immense from that particular interpretation of the text.


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The critical thing to note about usage of serotonergics or dopaminergics when recommending their use for treatment is that people's baseline levels of those neurotransmitters, their receptor sensitivity, and theirability to convert/process precursors metabolically into active substances can vary wildly depending on a number of different pathological and developmental factors. Just as with anti-depressants, marijuana and psilocybin can be radically detrimental to individuals with specific conditions, and its use can result in real harm to those people

No medicine is beneficial every time, at every dose, to every person. Everything has it's drawbacks and diagnosis considerations, and safer administration protocols with proper harm reduction controls do exist and can be utilized, even in a non-clinical setting.