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Do yourself a favor and don’t listen to this post, don’t run to the bathroom when the waiter comes ‘round to take your orders, just ask the waiter/waitress what they recommend, what they get. Ask your company dinner guests. Ask them about the dishes you r interested in. Give yourself two or three options to narrow down by asking others, and letting them carry the conversation. Don’t have to stress about talking if your just asking questions and listening.

It’s the servers job, they’ll help you find something good with the least stress. Maybe your dinner company’s been there before and know what’s good. Don’t like what you end up with? Great, now you know what not to order the nxt time. You’ve learned something about yourself.

Isn’t that better than having a cry in the stall at P.F. Chang's? There’s your LPT


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Chris Núñez: This has some anatomy issues. Oliver Peck: But over all it’s a supercool design. Dave Navarro: The judges have decided you do not have what it takes to be sketch master.


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Look kid, it’s a bad post. Nothing to get all upset about, just take it down. Oh, and an injury that causes paralysis is always going to be considered life threatening.